Frequently asked questions


How much experience do you need to attend the TIK training? Do you need a formal qualification?

There are no specific requirements in terms of qualifications; in order to attend a training, participants must be working as allied health professionals/in a related field and have sufficient experience working with parents, carers and/or children. 

I haven’t trained yet, but have been asked to co-facilitate a program. Is this okay?

Yes! So long as you have a background in group work and have worked with kids and/or parents and carers, this is fine. Please note: we recommend that you do not lead or deliver any of the key content to the group. You can, however, assist in observing the group dynamic, demonstrating roleplay activities and generally act as another personal resource in the group setting when it comes to sharing experiences around meta emotion and family of origin.

Can I buy a manual if I have not attended a Tuning in training?

No. Our program manuals are available to trained facilitators only.

I’ve signed up for training and I have questions! Who can I ask?

Our training team can be reached at tik-info@unimelb.edu.au, 9am-5pm (Melbourne-time) Monday-Friday.

Trained Facilitators

I trained many years ago – do you have a refresher course?

We don’t offer formal refresher courses, however, we do offer free supervision sessions, run by our training team. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you have, as well as learn from the experience and insight of other TIK providers. You can attend as many of these sessions as you wish. Details below can be found here.

I’m a trained facilitator. How do I access program resources?

You can request access to our facilitator portal here. Requests are manually approved, and may take up to 48 hours to be processed.

I’m a trained facilitator. Can I train others?

No. We have a wonderful team of trainers here at the University of Melbourne, who are the only team authorised and qualified to train other professionals in our suite of parenting programs.

I’ve completed Tuning in to Kids. Can I purchase a Teens manual and deliver the program without attending another training?

No. The two programs are separate, and you must complete the Tuning in to Teens training in its entirety to receive qualification and deliver the program to parents. The overwhelming feedback from our facilitators has been that doing both programs is extremely helpful in reinforcing and enriching knowledge of the programs – they do overlap somewhat, but not a great deal. The same applies to Dads Tuning in to Kids.


I’m a parent. Am I in the right place?

Almost! Please see our parenting site here for resources, information regarding TIK providers and access to the Tuning in to Kids online video subscription program.

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