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Tuning in to Kids® is an emotion-focussed parenting program. It provides parents and carers with skills in emotion coaching, which is about recognising, understanding and managing their own and their children’s emotions. When children develop these emotional skills they are better able to negotiate the ups and downs of life.

Most importantly, it is an ‘evidence-based’ program which means that randomised controlled research trials have shown that it makes a difference to parents and children. To date over 100,000 parents have attended Tuning in to Kids® programs in Australia alone.

There are two ways parents and carers can learn these skills: by subscribing to the Tuning in to Kids Online program or by attending a parenting program delivered by a trained facilitator.

We are currently developing a suite of resources to support parents and carers. Is there a topic you’d like to see us address? Please let us know:

Tuning Into Kids Subscription Program

Associate Professor Sophie Havighurst, who developed the Tuning in to Kids® program together with Ann Harley in 1999, talks about the launch of the 2020 video training version of the program, Tuning in to Kids Online (TIKOL):

Tuning in to Kids® parenting programs in Australia

To attend a parenting program – programs may be run face to face or online delivered by an accredited facilitator. Programs vary in length but are usually run over 6 – 8 sessions with a group of other parents/carers. Some facilitators may also deliver the program one to one. For more information contact:

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