Tuning in to Kids®
Emotionally intelligent parenting
for kids’ wellbeing

Tuning in to Kids® is a suite of globally recognised evidence-based parenting programs.

Tuning in to Kids® programs help caring adults to respond to children’s emotions in supportive ways. When adults respond to children’s emotions by communicating that emotions are acceptable and important, children learn to trust their feelings, understand what they are and manage them effectively in their lives. This also helps to build connected relationships.

This site is for professionals. We have a separate website for parents and carers.

Train with us to deliver the Tuning in to Kids® programs.

Our trainings are available internationally to facilitators who work with parents, carers or teachers in a professional capacity.

Registration includes:

  • Comprehensive training
  • Program certification
  • Program manual
  • Access to research articles, parent handouts & video materials
  • Ongoing support via free monthly supervision sessions

We have trained more than 15,000 facilitators who have delivered our programs to 650,000+ parents and carers around the world.

What People Are Saying

“I’m a little in awe of this program. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed more, or believed more, in a program than I do with Tuning in to Teens®. The training solidified my commitment to this delivery, and the supervision reinforces confidence and keeps us on the right path.”

— Facilitator, headspace

“We love working with families exploring the Tuning in to Kids® program. The ideas resonate with all families, and the practical exercises really bring the concepts to life.”

— Facilitator, Royal Far West

“One of the main things I love about teaching Tuning in to Kids® is when I can witness parents beginning to realise how this impacts their own relational skills with others and how their level of emotional capacity is important. Often we see families arriving thinking their child has a problem and at the end of the program we can see them mentally shift towards more empathic curiosity and openness which has a such a positive influence on all the family.”

— Facilitator, Royal Far West

We offer FREE monthly online supervision sessions for trained facilitators.

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