The truth about ‘time out’

What does the science say about how to respond? And is there really a way to guide children towards kind, thoughtful, cooperative behaviour that doesn't involve punishment at all, as some experts argue?

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Research shows it’s harmful to smack your child, so what should parents do instead?

Today, if a parent smacks a child mid-tantrum in the supermarket, they are likely to get looks of disapproval from other shoppers. Smacking is not as socially acceptable as it used to be.

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Emotion coaching for the earthquake generation

Sophie Havighurst is a child clinical psychologist and an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo in Norway and the University of Melbourne, Australia. Along with co-author Ann Harley, she developed the Tuning in to Kids (TIK) parenting programme, which is now in use around the world.

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In the Frontiers of Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

This article and interview with Sophie and Ann was originally published in Scientia Magazine.

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When School Isn’t “FINE”: Emotion Coaching Helps A Son Open Up To His Mum

Like many mums, Maggie used to ask her son Davis (7) how his day was and receive the one-word answer “fine“. Then one day she discovered he was being bullied.

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