Principal Researcher/Program Author

Sophie is the Principal Researcher and a program author on the Tuning in to Kids® suite of programs. She is a child clinical psychologist and an Associate Professor at University of Melbourne. She completed a degree in clinical psychology at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand in 1998 before moving to Australia to undertake a PhD at the University of Melbourne, which she completed in 2003. This provided her with the theoretical, methodological and practical foundations for the work on Tuning in to Kids® – the original parenting program which she developed in collaboration with Ann Harley.

Sophie is the Principal Researcher for the Tuning in to Kids research team and provides supervision to postgraduate students as well as other researchers and professionals around the world who are evaluating the program in a range of settings and with different populations. In 2018-2019 she worked at the University of Oslo, Norway, where she is now an honorary research fellow. She also works as a clinical psychologist in private practice.

*Associate Professor Havighurst was based in Norway at The University of Oslo in 2018-2019.


ANN HARLEY (Dip Teach, BA, Grad Dip Ed, MEd.)

Training Manager/Program Author

Ann is co-author of the Tuning in to Kids® suite of programs and is the Training Manager at Mindful – Centre for Training and Research in Developmental Health at the University of Melbourne. She has a background in teaching, social research and counselling. She completed her Master of Education at the University of Melbourne in 2012 and has over 40 years’ experience in parent education and in working with parents and carers in the community, in a variety of settings. This has informed the development of the Tuning in to Kids ® suite of parenting programs. Along with Sophie, Ann is the co-author and developer of the original parenting program Tuning in to Kids®, as well as the later programs, Tuning in to Teens™ Dads Tuning in to Kids™ and Tuning in to Toddlers™.

Ann is an experienced educator and provides supervision and specialist consultation to professional trainees in the Tuning in to Kids® suite of programs, as well as agencies providing parenting services.



Research Manager

Christiane is currently Research Manager for the Tuning in to Kids® suite of programs and co-author of Tuning in to Teens™, Tuning in to Toddlers™ and the Whole School Approach. She completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2014, where her research involved the pilot trial and subsequent development of the Tuning in to Teens™ program, as well as the first randomised control trial which established the efficacy of this program for parents of pre-adolescents. She was Project Manager for the second evaluation of that program and for the trial of the Tuning in to Toddlers™ program. More recently she has adapted Tuning in to Teens™ for use as a Whole School Approach for teachers, parents, and students.

In addition to her role as Research Manager, Christiane is an accredited facilitator trainer for the entire Tuning in to Kids® suite of programs, and provides supervision and consultation to professional trainees, parents and teachers.



Events & Communications Coordinator

Sally Keighery completed a BA in literature and philosophy before the advent of the mobile phone. This makes her ancient yet erudite. She has since completed postgraduate studies in writing and editing in an attempt to get up to speed with digital technology and to someday write a novel the old fashioned way – with a pen. She brings over twenty years of experience in the community education sector, researching and developing content and short courses to enrich the lives of adult of learners. She discovered Tuning in to Kids as a parent in 2016 and was thrilled to join the team as events and communications coordinator in 2017. She is an avid reader, walker and photographer and the proud mother of a vivacious tween who constantly reminds her when to ‘tune in’.